vegan lunch go-to

I love beans. Not only are they super delicious and versatile, they are also one of the best bangs for your buck in the food department.

My favorite quick meal to make when I’m at home is black bean burgers. It’s super simple! Whenever I make them for folks who haven’t made them for themselves before, they’re surprised that it’s so easy! You can season them however you want, and prepare them however suits your fancy. Sometimes I’ll have them with salad, or on a doughnut from Dun-Well (okay, that honestly has only happened twice so far, but lemme tell you: the best way to eat anything, is on a vegan doughnut). However, today I’m gonna share with you a way that is maybe a little less indulgent than a Luther Burger and a little more on the healthy side of things.

So seriously, if you don’t want to read any further, here is the tl;dr version of my black bean burger recipe:

one can of black beans, rinse, mush ’em all up with a fork or whatever utensil you have handy, form into two patties, and fry over medium-high heat with some olive oil.

It’s really that easy. Most times I literally just do that with a bit of salt and pepper and I’m good to go. Here’s the variation I cooked up the other day as shown in the photos above:

1 can black beans (drained/rinsed)

1 tbsp ketchup, 1 tbsp mustard

about 2/3 cup of chopped kale

about 1/3 cup of diced onion

1 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes

1 tsp turmeric

salt and pepper to taste

On top we had some caramelized onions, avocado, Just Mayo, medium Nacheez, and Chao Tomato Cayenne.

If you’ve never made black bean burgers before, definitely don’t be afraid to give it a shot! It’s super simple. I made them for the first time about a year ago and now make them at least once a week and don’t get bored.




My Favorite Vegan Snacks of 2015

The amount of vegan convenience foods available is growing so much every day, it seems! In the past year, I’ve found some really great stuff. Included in this list are things that I discovered in the past year or so. Some of them are obvious vegan “knock-offs” of non-vegan snacks that I grew up loving, such as Cheez-Its and Ritz Bits, and others are things that I have no pre-vegan-days attachments to. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they’re all delicious and wonderfully addicting!

Earth Balance really changed the name of the game when they introduced what I think is fair to call their version of Cheez-Its and Pirate’s Booty, along with a variety of flavored popcorns and chips. These “vegan cheddar flavor squares”, as they are so descriptively named, totally hit the spot every time. I wish I could eat a box of these every day.

Late July Organic has peanut butter sandwich crackers (think Ritz Bits!) and I can only dream of there being a vegan cheese version of this right now. Before going vegan at 14, cheese Ritz Bits were my all-time favorite junky snack food. I remember not really caring for peanut butter Ritz Bits at the time, but these sandwich crackers by Late July are super fulfilling for any salty-peanut-buttery-cracker craving. So, shout out to Late July… Veganize your cheddar cheese crackers, please! My stomach is waiting.

Now, for something completely different: Dang Coconut Chips. Well, dang! I first tried these as a sample in the Vegan Cuts snack box last year and fell in love. You may feel a little healthier eating these than those junkier foods I listed above (hey, it’s all vegan though, so at least they’re better than the alternative!) because this snack is simply coconut, sugar, seasoning, oil, and salt. They are no less delicious though. I’ve only tried the Chili Lime flavor, which is perfectly spiced, but they are also available in a myriad of other flavors including Savory Bacon (I plan on trying that ASAP, I ain’t no fool).

Now how about some vegan jerky? I love all the Primal Strips and you can find them almost anywhere around here, but another new thing I’ve tried (although they’ve been around since 2012) is Louisville Vegan Jerky. I first tried their Maple Bacon flavor (it’s in a different packaging than their other flavors too… They must know that people are just absolute suckers for maple bacon… Or well, just anything bacon). Super savory and just a little bit sweet, these are great to try when you’re wanting something a little more meaty.


Shockingly, I’ve not even scratched the surface on all the amazing foods available, but these are some of my favorites as of late! There are also a ton of snacks that are more oriented towards one’s sweet tooth which I will write a post on soon.

Even if there weren’t a million other options, I’d still be a happy little herbivore over here. This is pretty good proof that vegans don’t eat plain, boring food. If there’s anything you’ve tried as of late that you love, please share by leaving a comment below! 🙂