Big news for my closet: I finally got a Vaute Couture coat! They were having a flash sale and I knew there may not be another day for awhile where I could get 75% off so I went for it and am very glad I did. The one I got is the Pegasus. It is honestly the warmest coat I’ve ever worn. For that reason alone I wish winter wasn’t going away so quickly!

Yesterday it was almost 60 degrees so I went to Red Hook for the first time since summer just to explore. It was really nice. Got some bodega fries and a vegan bento box from Fairway. Day was well spent. 🙂

DSC_0081DSC_0060DSC_0064.jpgDSC_0069DSC_0128coat – vaute couture // skirt – asos // beanie – neff // scarf – asos


…and, done.

I submitted my application to FIT, so the rush is over. I actually made some fun projects in my limited time to work on them.

See more here.

I’m actually very excited about going back to school. I hope that I am accepted and get into the one year program for an associate’s degree and then I can see what I want to do from there. If anyone reading has been to FIT, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

On Sunday I had a really nice day with my friend walking through Manhattan, eating deliciously at Red Bamboo, and taking photos. There was even a classical pianist at Washington Square Park which was nice. I don’t go into the city enough!

Anyway, It was so nice out, and it continues to be nice this week. The snow is melting too fast! The sun is great and comfy, but I actually really wouldn’t mind another blizzard…



bag, cardigan, jeans – thrifted // shoes – vegan doc martens // scarf – gift // hat – neff // top – modcloth

Some potential life changes have been set into motion. After probably too much hesitation, I have decided to apply to go back to school. Thankfully, I already have most of what I need together with just five days until the application deadline now. There are going to be a few sleepless nights until then. Hopefully I make it in. I also got a second job, which I was not expecting! I’m super excited to get back to being a student and getting into some new things.

It is also just so incredibly nice today that I was comfortable even without sleeves. Ridiculous! I guess this snow won’t be sticking around for too long.

Loving running this blog so far as well, even if I’m still a bit embarrassed about it when I’m asked about it in real life. I’m weird.


snow day

12416_112416_312416_412416_512416_2blouse, pants, shoes, jacket – thrifted // vegan reversible belt –

Had a great night with a few friends for my birthday last night. Most of the stores and restaurants were closed but I got some really great mushroom and spinach vegan tacos from a nearby Mexican restaurant. I loved how quiet the streets were. It felt like a ghost town, or just like another world. It was… comfortable, in a way. Today the world has woken up again. Back to business as usual.


year 20

12016_812016_112016_9.png12016_412016_312016_512016_712016_6dress, shirt, jacket — thrifted

neff beanie

vegan doc marten 1460 boots

rings — vintage (mom wore them when she was my age!)

Tomorrow’s my 21st birthday! If you look real close at that last photo there, you can see some under-eye wrinkles… Getting old. 😉

I treated myself to a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 and I have to say, it’s now my most prized possession. I don’t doubt that I’m going to just become obsessed and start collecting instant cameras. I’m planning on it, in fact.

Really loving the mild weather here in NY right now. But we’ve got a snow storm expected this Saturday. Should be fun though. What’s winter without a storm? Might not be a blizzard, but a girl can dream. My birthday plans were originally to go out and do some karaoke this Saturday night. I’ve never done it, but have always wanted to. Hopefully that works out, otherwise we’re gonna stay in and play board games. I know how to party, obviously.




the Ethics Behind the Clothes We Buy

I am guilty of being the type of person who can go hours doing online window shopping for clothes. I imagine creating a new identity for myself through it. It’s fun to do. My wish lists have reached great lengths. But at the end of the day? I can’t afford all of those clothes, and I know that even if I did have the money, I probably wouldn’t feel so great about the purchase.

I have had to battle this out in my head sometimes as I’m scrolling through sites like Forever 21 and H&M. There are so many cute things, and most of them are pretty affordable. Why not buy some shirts? I’d get use out of them. But then I think to myself and realize these are cheaply made products that often do not hold up very well. More often than not, they are also produced overseas and do not treat their employees fairly. And personally I want to shop as sustainably as I can and not be throwing things out at the end of each season. I see this as something that I can change about my shopping habits and not contribute to, no matter how tempting it is.

Starting now, I have decided to stop purchasing from these so-called “fast fashion” companies. I want only to support places that I have absolutely no qualms about supporting, such as thrift shops where clothing is being recycled, and to only buy new things if I’m 100% sure something that I could get good use out of it and will love for years to come. Not only does this save me money because I won’t be making as many new purchases, but I’ll feel better about where the money that I do spend is going.


Stylish Vegan Winter Coats & Jackets Exist, Thanks To Vaute Couture

A case in which I would feel great about buying something new, is something like a new pair of shoes or a blazer from Brave Gentleman, or a winter coat or dress from Vaute Couture. These are both sustainable, vegan companies that are doing their part to make a difference in the fashion industry.

While these brands do have higher price tags, you are paying for the quality and the fair practices that they put at the forefront of their business. I predict that those items are going to be sticking around on my wish list for quite some time, but one day when I have the means, I intend to make them a part of my closet!

Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart, the founder of Vaute Couture herself says, “Most of my clothes come from church resale shops and thrift stores. But then, the pieces I want to support are the pieces I save up for — and I know that my money is supporting ethical practices.”

Vote with your dollar! If you like what someone is doing, support them. 🙂

❤ Andrea